Joshua Seigler
What do you mean I can't live on the internet?

What is this site?

Just a personal website, for playing with web technology, and for vanity too probably.

Who am I?

Web developer

I like to make websites. I work for Prenda right now.

New Englander

I've lived in the New England of the USA since the end of 2013. I like the relatively cool summers up here.

Cryptocurrency enthusiast

After learning about Bitcoin and Dash cryptocurrencies, I'm certain that they will play a large role in the future. For possibly the first time in human history, it is possible to decentralize currency!


I play boardgames at least once a week. You can see my game collection if you like. My favorite games tend towards low-chance high-strategy, with mostly indirect competition and a large problem space.


I make ink sketches occasionally, for fun and to improve my skill.