Joshua Seigler
What do you mean I can't live on the internet?

Nice to meet you. I am a:

Web developer

Front-end web technology like CSS, JavaScript, and SVG comes most easily. See some of my personal projects on GitHub.

New Englander

I've lived in New England since 2010. Boston has great public transportation, a ton of cool companies, and a ton of dining and entertainment. Today I live in Rhode Island.

Cryptocurrency enthusiast

After learning about Bitcoin and Dash, I'm certain that they will play a large role in the future. Peer-to-peer currency breaks the centuries-long cycle of centralized currency manipulation, and creates the opportunity for individually sovereign wealth.


I play boardgames at least once a week. You can see my game collection if you like. My favorite games are low-chance high-strategy, with indirect competition and a large problem space.


I make ink sketches sometimes, for fun and to improve my skill.

Hire me

I'm looking for full-time work, either within commuting distance of the MA/RI border, or remote. I have experience with React, React Native, and many other front-end web development technologies. My Linkedin page has my job history, endorsements, and an up to date list of technologies and skills.