Here are some significant events from my life, focusing on my education and professional development.

  • Founding software engineer @ Capabuild

    Capabuild makes web and mobile software for disaster recovery companies. Here I have been able to capitalize on my front-end, React Native and THREE.js experience. This is the youngest company I've joined and the role with the largest responsibility so far. It's exciting!
  • Senior software engineer @ Prenda

    This is at the intersection of many interests, including learning, communication, and decentralized solutions. Prenda has an excellent culture that fosters humility and recognizes others' humanity.
  • Senior software engineer @ HubSpot

    Back in the corporate world, using my experience to develop React projects in an agile environment. I began building my mentoring and team management abilities, as well as sharpening my JavaScript and React skills.
  • Software developer @ Dash Core Group

    After some successful freelance work, I became a full time contractor, working remotely. I was fortunate to sometimes travel to interesting places to represent Dash or to meet up worldwide with other developers. My focus here was on web development, React Native app development, and JavaScript API testing and documentation. The contract was ended due to an extended crypto price slump in 2019-2020.
  • Application engineer @ XPO Logistics

    Microsoft environment, Agile methodology. This fully front-end focused role highlighted the value of investing in myself and building a skillset focused around my strengths and interests. Outside of work, I began deeply researching cryptocurrencies and economics and using open source web development tools for personal projects.
  • Junior software engineer @ Oakleaf / Waste Management

    This Microsoft based company was a good first step into corporate development. I was exposed to a variety of development roles, and began building a personal specialization in front-end development. Also, shortly after moving for this job, I met my wife!
  • Exploring

    This includes about a year of small-business home computer repair, as well as some valuable time improving my communication skills at a satellite TV tech support center.
  • Part time teacher / E-learning Technician

    After a couple semesters as a part time math instructor at my old community college, I switched to a role supporting instructors with remote learning, software assistance, and classroom technology. This is also when my love of board games really exploded. Local friends had an extensive game collection and we used to play until late at night.
  • RPI - Bachelor’s in Math & Computer Science

    My first time living away from home. Aside from the education, I connected with a lot of people who have remained important in my life.
  • PVCC - Associate’s in science

    Highlights include a public speaking class and an excellent Java programming class, my introduction to object-oriented programming. I have such fond memories of the teachers here and their dedicated enthusiasm.
  • First community college course

    "Calculus with Analytic Geometry I". I showed my teacher a Newton's method root-finder program I made for my TI-83 calculator, and at the end of class she surprised me by having me demonstrate it to the class. When I asked why she hadn't given me any warning, she asked, "Would that have made you less nervous?"
  • Homeschooled

    Reading, field trips, spelling bees. Developing interest in math, art, and computers. As long as I stayed ahead of the baseline public school standards, I could explore whatever interested me. What a great beginning. Big thanks to my parents for nurturing my appetite for learning. Thanks also to my brothers for teaching me patience and conflict resolution!
  • Hello World